Social behaviour

If you decide to take on a tenancy with HCHA you should understand that an important part of your tenancy is to be a good neighbour. The action of a few can affect whole communities for better or worse.

Things you can do to help


In our schemes with communal parking the spaces are not allocated to specific homes.  We ask tenants and their visitors to be considerate, especially of residents who have limited mobility.  Our houses and parking arrangements at the property or nearby differ by address.  We will tell you about this when you view the property prior to taking the tenancy.  Please note that your tenancy agreement usually prohibits parking any vehicles other than private cars.

On keeping pets

HCHA recognises that as a resident you may wish to keep a pet and we know that if properly cared for, pets are good companions and can enhance the quality of life of our residents.

We have different restrictions on the keeping of pets, depending on the property and where you live. Many of our schemes do not permit dogs. Please ask before you take a pet into your home.

We will not unreasonably withhold permission.

 Antisocial Behaviour

We treat any behaviour that is likely to cause nuisance, harassment, alarm or distress to anyone, as anti-social behaviour, this may be ongoing behaviour or one off incidents. If a problem occurs between neighbours, it is often best to try and sort the matter out with your neighbour yourself. By speaking to your neighbour, you may be able to settle the matter straight away without having to do anything else. Your neighbour might even be unaware that there was a problem in the first place.

We understand that this may not work or be appropriate in all cases. If it doesn’t, please contact us and we will talk to you about the problem and tell you how we may help. There are a number of ways you can do this; call into Studio 701, 17 Princess Street, Hull, HU2 8BJ, telephone us (01482 210842), write to us, send us an email on: