We rely on the commitment, energy and skills of all staff members to deliver our business objectives and high standard of services.

In most cases the person who answers your call will be able to answer your query about our properties or services. If not, they will put you in touch with a member of staff who can.

If you are new to HCHA, we can help with the application process, from filling in the application form to giving you advice on housing choices. We take care to match you with the right property in order to ensure the success of your tenancy and the community you will be a part of.

Tenants can talk to our Housing Officer confidentially about rent payments or benefits, or any tenancy related issues. For more information see the section ‘Your Tenancy’ under ‘Information’ on the menu at the top.

Most property service works are carried out by the skilled staff in our repairs subsidiary, HCHA Trinity Limited. The team will deal with repairs, inspections and any minor adaptations you may need. We also utilise trusted and qualified contractors to increase our capacity when we need it, or for their specialist skills. For more information see the section ‘Our Services’ under ‘Information’ on the menu at the top.

We offer a range of care and support services provided by our dedicated, qualified workers. Whether you are a Hull Churches’ tenant or rent from another landlord or are a home owner they can assist you in all areas of daily living including personal care, wellbeing, confidence building and skills development. For more information about the services we provide see the section ‘Our Services’ under ‘Information’ on the menu at the top.