Building works, repairs, maintenance, refurbishment and development are integral to the provision of good housing services.  HCHA aims to offer an efficient and speedy repairs service.

Report a Repair

To report a repair please telephone 01482 210842.  Most repairs are routine and will be dealt with within 28 days.

An urgent repair will be dealt with within 7 days and emergency repairs within 24 hours.

For emergencies outside office hours please telephone 01482 210842 and follow the instructions.

Emergency repairs are those which affect your security, health and safety, or will cause severe damage to your property.

We may make a charge for call-outs to non-emergency repairs called outside office hours – but if in doubt the telephone operator will be able to advise you.

Information you need to give:

  • Your name and address and contact telephone number
  • A description of the repair
  • Arrangements for access, or your availability, or request for an appointment


Recharging for Repairs

We will charge you for making good any damage caused by your household or visitors by neglect, misuse or willful damage.

Alterations and Improvements

If you wish to make any alteration or improvements you must ask permission, and we will ask you to put your request in writing. When making the decision about whether to grant permission we will need to take into account building and planning requirements, and consider whether it would make your home unsafe, or more difficult to let in the future, or cost the Association money to maintain. You must not carry out any alterations without getting a written reply with permission from the Association. Permission may include conditions, such as needing professional certification for any electrical works, or in asking that you remove and make good before you leave.